KFC and why you should go there

Yeah I know what your thinking, why would I want to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The foods not good for you and it doesn’t taste that great – although I will admit for some strange reason I love the mashed potatoes and gravy.
But I Red heart KFC and their mashed potatoes and gravy for a whole other reason lately.  These…

Aren’t those the cutest containers and I love they are recyclable.  But what I really love about them is that they solved a storage problem for me.
You know how you always have little odds and ends floating around that you never have any place to store them?  Well for me these containers fill that spot.

I have 8 of them and need just one more to fill this drawer.

Then I plan on labeling each one with a color for all those odds and ends that I have.  I may even line the tops with colored paper so that at a glance I know which container to grab.

I just love this idea and we’ve only had to eat at KFC twice to get all of these containers. Smile

How do you store your odds and ends?  I think I really like this by color thing.

Happy Friday!!!
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  1. Hmmm...maybe I should get some KFC tonight! LOL!! Never knew they had containers like these! WOW. Thanks for the tip :)

  2. I love KFC. But their food doesn't love me! And I love these containers too. I get something similar from a local chinese restaurant. I use them over and over again. I wonder if they are used here in Canada???

  3. Those look like great containers. They fit perfectly in your drawer. I never thought to go there for that reason....maybe I'll give it a try! :)

  4. i love KFC and always though of what i can do with tthose cotainers. as scrapbooker were always tooking to store something ... thanks for the ideas...