Cleaning and Purging

Well I think that I am finally done.....cleaning and purging anyway. I have been slowly but surely going through things since I redid my room and getting rid of stuff that has just been hanging around. It took me a while to get over the guilt of getting rid of stuff that I used hard earned money to buy. But once I got past that it felt really good to get rid of stuff. Now mind you even with everything that I got rid of I could still open my own mini scrapbook store with whats left. :)
And the really nice part is this coming Saturday is an annual crop that I go to with Kendall and they have a table for people to leave things they aren't using anymore and find new goodies that someone else is done with. So here is what I leaving on the table this weekend.

Even after getting rid of 2 inches of patterened paper I still have a huge drawer stuffed full of it. I only kept the stuff I love...:)

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It's Finally Done!

Have you every had one of those projects that just sits around on your desk that you just can't complete no matter what??? Well I've had one of those project sitting here for about 6 months. It started out as one thing - a really cute picture frame album that I wanted to finish before I found a new job last year. It was suppose to go on my desk and instead of a bunch of different pictures of the family, they would all be together in a mini album on an acrylic frame ( I know hard to picture). I saw it over in the 2Peas gallery. Well that didn't work out so well, my picture frame kept falling over. Then I got a new job and I have no room on my desk for any pictures whats so ever (bummer). And yet the this project sat there unfinished, taking up space on my scrap table, looking like this.....

I didn't have the heart to just give up and trash it all, so I decided I would just make it into a mini family album for my new scraproom. And then I had problem after problem trying to get this thing done. When I started this project I was using my laptop to edit the pictures with Picture It (which I love) and then I moved rooms and started using the desktop which has Vista (which I am not so fond of) and no picture editing software. So I had to transfer the last few pictures that I needed to the laptop, hook my photo printer up to it and get the pictures. Then when it was all done I had to figure out how to bind it. I went through several different ways, binder rings, huge brads, ribbon and so on before I look down and there was my little dust covered bind it all. Worked like a charm.

So now that you've heard the whole story of my little mini album let me share some pictures of. I made the covers to match my scraproom and I planning on getting a stand for it and having it out.

So what started out to be a simple frame for my desk turned in to a cute mini family album for my scraproom. I love it.

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