KFC and why you should go there

Yeah I know what your thinking, why would I want to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The foods not good for you and it doesn’t taste that great – although I will admit for some strange reason I love the mashed potatoes and gravy.
But I Red heart KFC and their mashed potatoes and gravy for a whole other reason lately.  These…

Aren’t those the cutest containers and I love they are recyclable.  But what I really love about them is that they solved a storage problem for me.
You know how you always have little odds and ends floating around that you never have any place to store them?  Well for me these containers fill that spot.

I have 8 of them and need just one more to fill this drawer.

Then I plan on labeling each one with a color for all those odds and ends that I have.  I may even line the tops with colored paper so that at a glance I know which container to grab.

I just love this idea and we’ve only had to eat at KFC twice to get all of these containers. Smile

How do you store your odds and ends?  I think I really like this by color thing.

Happy Friday!!!
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My Tabletop Scrapbook

So the other day I was in Michael’s and found this cute little table top frame….


And thought wouldn’t that make the cutest scrapbook page for on my desk at work.
Then I found these really cute stickers at Joann’s

2011-06-09 Misc Scrapbook 009

And so far this is as far as I got…

2011-06-09 Misc Scrapbook 008

And then I kinda hit a brick wall with what else I want to do with it.  So it’s sitting on my scrap table waiting for me to finish it.  Ugh !!!

Does this happen to you? 

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Going back in time…

So when my girls were in High School I started scrapbooks for both of them of their High School Days and I did pretty good saving every award, newspaper clipping and dance ticket they brought home.
But around the time that Mandy was a Sr. and Kendall was a Jr. life got hectic and they graduated without their scrapbooks being finished.  And it’s always bothered me that I hadn’t finished these albums.
Recently it was brought home to me why it’s so important that I finish those scrapbooks for my girls. Steve’ grandmother passed away recently and one of the things that he received was a scrapbook album of his life that his grandmother did for him.  It started with wedding pictures of his folks and his mom’s baby shower pictures and all the rest of Steve’s life. 
The best part of this album was all of the journaling and I mean all of the journaling is done in her handwriting.
I could just feel the love and pride that she had in her grandson as I was looking through this album.
Someday I want my girls to sit down and look through these albums and feel all of the love and pride that their Dad and I had in their High school accomplishments just as I felt it looking through Steve’s scrapbook.  Which by the way was all Creative Memories when the first started.
So my goal is get to these albums done before their weddings.
Here a couple of layouts that I’ve gotten done so far.
2011-06-09 Misc Scrapbook 004
2011-06-09 Misc Scrapbook 001
2011-06-09 Misc Scrapbook 002

So 2 down and lots more to go but I will get them done. Smile

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Strawberry cupcakes

So one day when the hubby was gone for the day I came across a recipe for Strawberry cupcakes.  Now I love fresh strawberries and strawberry flavored cake and thought this would be a fun recipe to try.  And I decided to make them mini cupcakes – cause then I could eat more then 1 and not feel guilty Smile
And I just happened to have some cream cheese frosting in the pantry along with some cute mini cupcake papers in pink with polka dots.
I had a good time decorating the cupcakes and they came out really cute once I was done with them. 
Aren’t the wrappers cute!!  99 cent at Michael’s for a package of 50.
As for the recipe I was a little disappointed with the flavor.  I was hoping for more strawberry flavor and it just wasn’t there.  Next time I think I will put a little bit of strawberry flavoring in it to see if that will help.
I think the next time I make mini cupcakes they are going to be lemon with a lemon filling.  I’ll let you know how they come out.
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Pie Night

So every Wednesday night is date night for Hubby and I.  We try to do something fun every Wednesday even if it’s just going for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I am sure that this sounds silly to people when they find out that we’ve been married almost 27 years and we don’t have kids at home anymore.  But this night makes sure that we don’t get caught up in the daily grind and forget the reason we got married in the first place.
So one Wednesday night we had a couple of errands to run downtown (yes even errands can be romantic) and decided that we would have our date night at the Chocolate fondue place downtown.  But what we didn’t know is that Wednesday is the only day they are closed all week. Sad smile
But across the street I saw a sign for Pie Co. so we walked over and caught them just as they were closing.  But the owner was nice enough to let us in.
The pie was heavenly and truly homemade from the pie crust to the filling.  I had Chocolate cream and hubby had the Pink Lady apple pie.  And the place is so cute so of course I had to scrap it.
Here are some close up of the embellishments that I made with the From the Kitchen cricut cartridge.
And I love how this apron came out
And the recipe card made a great place to put the journaling.
I really like this cartridge.  It has lots of fun stuff on it. And would be perfect to use in a recipe book as a gift.
This was a fun date night because we discovered something new in our little hometown.  And believe we’ve been back since for some more yummy pie!
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I am baaacccckkk!! Or where I’ve been the last 6 months.

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been 6 months since I’ve been here to post anything.
Things have been busy around our house, with lots going on like:

A hubby turning 50

My sweet Maggie having major surgery that didn’t go as planned at all.

And both Daughters getting engaged and getting married in the same year!! (the wedding are 4 months apart)

Now I know what you all thinking – awww that poor woman, 2 weddings in 1 year.
But here is what I think about it.
1.  I am thrilled to be planning their weddings and it’s even more fun doing 2 at once (think double the cake tasting)
2.  We are getting 2 great son in laws – love them both and are so happy they are going to be part of the family
3.  The only thing that could make me happier is the day that one of the girls tells me I am going to be a Grandmother (hint hint girls).
So stay tuned cause I will be sharing all of the wedding preparations plus some other fun projects that I’ve done.
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