Baking Day 2010

Baking Day is a tradition that was started years ago by my mom when my sisters and I were growing up.  And as we grew up we included our daughters (and sons some times). Early on my oldest sister made us all matching aprons including the little ones and I still have that apron. I wore it up until last year when Kendall made Amanda and I new aprons for our Baking Day.  At one point there were 13 of us baking at one time at my parents house.  It got to be such a big day that my parents bought an extra oven that my Dad would hook up for that one day every year. None of the husband were allowed to come around till later in the day and then they became our cookie testers.  It was a long day but at the end of it we would all good home with some really good cookies and some really great memories.  We don't get to do this day on such a large scale anymore, both of my sisters have moved out of state and parents have moved away too.  But all of us keep the tradition alive in our own way.  My sister and nieces have their own baking day, just like the girls and I do and my other sister has been busy baking in TN. And each year when I get down the cook book that those recipes are in I think of all of the good times that I've had baking with my family. And look forward to all of the Baking Days that are to come - hopefully with my own grand kids some day.

Our Baking Day started when the girls got here at 9am to start the day. It was another wonderful and successful day that ended at about 6pm.  We made all of the family favorites and a few new ones too.

Here are a few pictures of the day:

I hope that you are enjoying your family traditions as much as we are.

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Love the smell of Gingerbread

Awww nothing says Christmas more then the smell of warm Gingerbread.  And over the weekend our neighbor, who was a professional chef, was experimenting with different gingerbread recipes and brought over a couple of sample for us to decide which one was better for gifts he is making.

So after he teased us with the samples I knew I had to make some gingerbread cookies so I got this out to try.

This with a little butter and water was all I needed and I had it whipped up in about 5 minutes.  Then into the frig for 30 minutes.

Then I got hubby to help me cut them out with me.  He is such a good helper and puts up with me now that the girls don't live at home anymore.

We used my new mini Christmas cookie cutters that I got in a swap over on 2Peas.  I thought they would be just the right size for mini gingerbread cookies.  Just a couple of bites.

And here is the finished product. 

They came out so cute and tiny.  Just right!!

Tomorrow is our annual Baking Day so I will have lots of yummy cookies next week to share.  Until then

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