Another Prom Layout

So now I have finished both girls’ prom layouts. This one is for Kendall’s album. I’ve never used this much black on a layout before but I love how this one came out. Her dress was a really pretty shimmery green so I knew that green was going to be part of the layout but wasn’t sure what other color to use with it. I noticed that the tux was black so I started playing around with some black and really love the finished layout. Made it look more elegant.

The corner swirls are from the Cricut Home Accents cartridge. First time I used it and these were the perfect touch that I was looking for. I also used lots of bling cause that is the type of girl Kendall is…LOL. I made the flower using SCAL and the painted it with Black Diamond stickles to add some glitter.

I love my SCAL program and if you have a Cricut, it is so worth money the to buy this program. I probably wouldn’t use my Cricut half as much as I do if it weren’t for this program.

I also love Stickles and have them in several colors. They are so easy to use and just add that little something to my projects. I always put these on my Christmas list cause they make good stocking stuffers.

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So I am always reading on 2Peas about all the great deals everyone seems to find. Rarely do those great deals happen in any of our Micheals, Joanns or Wal-Mart. Its a disappointment to go to these stores hoping to score a good deal and find that they have the same old thing (wonder if that is cause I am in there too often...LOL).

Anyway today just happen to be my day at Joann's. Yes I scored!!!!! See what I got below:

Now I am sure this doesn't look like that big of deal but let me break it down for ya:
Debbie Mumm ribbons = $1.97
Tombow Mono Liquid glue = $1.97 each (noramlly $6.94 each)
DCWV Spring box of Cards 60 A2 cards & envelopes = $5.38
Not bad huh?? The only thing that took alittle bit of the happiness out of it was the sales person. I swear our Joanns has the snottiest sales people. Here is why:
I had a 40% off Michaels coupon with me and decided that I would use it on the glue because there wasn't a sale sign anywhere so I knew that it was going to be $6.94 but with 40% it wouldn't be too bad. So I ask the gal if I could use my coupon and her snotty reply was only on something that wasn't on clearence or something that I could get at Michaels. So I said like the glue? Her reply "Whatever" I was shocked but ok. So she starts ringing stuff up and tells me that I can't use the coupon on the glue because it is already on clearence for $1.97. SCORE!!!! So I run back and get the only other one that they had on the rack. When she is done ringing everything up, I ask her if there is anything that I could use my coupon on and she grabs it out of my hand and says she can only try. Well for some reason it took 40% off the clearence price of the DCWV cards (it was clearenced for $8.97) SCORE!!!!
So finally I got a great deal on something!!! And as I was looking at all the money I saved as I was walking out the snotty sales person was a faint memory.
What a good day! I hope that you score on a good deal soon too.
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4th of July Centerpiece

Well it's finally finished. I had alot of fun making this. And I just used stuff out of my scrap room to do it. We are going camping over the 4th of July weekend so this will be fun to have on the picnic table for our BBQ on Saturday night. I also have the perfect table cloth to go with it, red, white & blue.

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Wicked - It was Great!!!

So Sunday we took the girls to see Wicked and it was awesome. It was unbelievable from beginning to end. Those girls are so talented and Boy! can they sing. I also loved how the whole story tied into the Wizard of Oz. We all enjoyed it so much. I am so happy that we got to do this as a family. As the girls get older, it's not always easy to get every one's schedule to be clear at the same time to do something like this as a family.

Speaking of the girls, my goal for this summer is to finish up their H.S. albums for them. Gee, it's only been 5 years since Mandy's graduation. I only have her Sr. year to finish up and then hers will be finished. Here is her Prom layout that I did. Sorry the picture is so awful.

I am finally done with my 4th of July centerpiece so I will post it tomorrow.
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Another 4th of July Card

Here is another card that I made last night. Not sure that I like it but I can't figure out what to change so I guess it will stay this way.

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4th of July Card

Wow, it's been a few days since I posted anything but I have good reasons. Friday night we has a ball with the kids and their friends. Lots of yummy snacky foods & drinks. We also played a really fun game called "Imagine if..." It was a pretty nice night for a change and Martin built a fire in our outdoor fire pit. Everyone was here until about midnight. We all had a great time.

But Saturday morning I was dragging. Not use to staying up so late. Must be getting old (not). Didn't get too much done during the day and Saturday night Martin & Kendall went to a baseball game and I stayed home and read a book.

Sunday was a much better day, I baked a cake and worked on my 4th of July centerpiece. Just about finished and it's out coming very cute. Everything was good until in the afternoon and then the dreaded migraine started. And it stayed until last night....ugh!!! God, I hate having headaches. So I've been pretty useless until today.
Today I came home after work and came up with this little card to send to Jenna for 4th of July. It is some of the leftovers that I had from my centerpiece. Came out pretty cute!

So I need to make a couple of more cards for the 4th of July and that's what I am working on tonight. But it sure doesn't feel like it's getting close to July around here. Don't know about where your at but here what I am seeing tonight when I look out my scraproom window.
Nice, huh? I sure wish Summer would hurry up and get here. Before it's time for fall to arrive.
Well I am off to make some more cards.
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Happy Birthday Mandy!

Today is the day that I start missing hubby and the house is now too quiet. The dogs and I didn't sleep very good last night. They are both missing Dad. So I am glad that he will be home this afternoon. In the meantime, I have plenty of stuff to get done, like laundry and grocery shopping...ugh!!

Here is a picture of the photo collage frame that I bought yesterday at Kohl's (love that store!) Can't wait to fill it up with family pictures and get it hung.

Yesterday I also got another craft keeper for my brads. Not too long ago Peachycheap.com had a great deal on brads. It was like over a 1000 different brads for $14.99 so I bought cause I love brads, just never seem to use them much in projects. Anyway I now have 4 of these little cases full of brads and another couple of packages that I am going to have to get one more for. I love these cases for brads because you can open 1 compartment at a time so none of the other spill if you happen to drop it. They can be found in the bead department of Michael's.

Well I am off to get things done this morning so I can scrap this afternoon.

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Just Random Stuff...

Good News! Belle came home today. So hopefully she is on the mend and will be back to her old self very soon. I know this makes Kendall very happy. She has missed her furbaby a lot the past week and a half.

The fishing trip was a big success!! Martin and Mandy had a great time and came home Sunday afternoon with 10 fish in the freezer. They both know me so well cause they took a picture of the fish in the RV freezer for the scrapbook. Awww, I have my family trained well…LOL So I am sure that BBQ fish will be on the menu before too long at our house. I don’t like fish so I will be passing on this particular meal…Thanks very much!

Martin took some beautiful pictures of Burney Falls . The water falls are just amazing!! Here’s one:

I’ve started working on my centerpiece for the 4th of July. We will be camping that weekend and I thought it would be fun to have something for the outside table. I will be posting pictures once I get closer to being done with it. Nothing spectacular but it is fun working on it.

Other then that we have a busy 2nd half of the week. Tonight is date night and we are going to see “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”, I’ve been excited about seeing this one since I first saw the previews. Loved the first one and I am not a big Ben Stiller fan. Tomorrow night is birthday shopping for Mandy, whose birthday is Friday. Then Friday night we are doing a BBQ with her friends for her birthday. So I have a lot to do in the next couple of days.

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