Puppy Cuteness

Just sharing some puppy cuteness today.  Here is my Magpie - isn't she a cutie!!

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A New Purse to start the New Year

So I am a collector of purses – not expensive purses but ones that you find at Kohl’s or JCPenney. And when I say collector I am mean at one time I had 20 different purses in my closet and use to come home every couple of weeks with a new one. But I am finally at a place in my life where I am ready to commit to one purse (Can you hear my hubby jumping up and down for joy??)

So I called my oldest daughter who is a collector of Coach purses and asked her to go with me out to the Coach outlet store cause I was ready to commit to a purse.

So out we went to the Coach outlet and I did find one that I liked very much and met my list of requirements in a purse.  But I gulped when I figured out this purse was going to cost me $175.  And that was after a 20% discount coupon.

So after much debating I decided to look around at some of the other stores in the outlet mall before making a final decision.

So we looked at Saks 5th Ave and then headed over to Nine West.  And when I walked in I found the purse that I was looking for.  It met all of my requirements and the price was right…$49.99 plus another 30% off.  I think that I will be happy with this purse for a long time to come…

So introducing Big Red


Isn’t she gorgeous???

And to make it even better I have been looking for a pair of black boots for the winter and they had exactly what I was looking for. On sale no less for $29.99 so I bought them in brown too.  So a new purse and 2 pairs of boots for way less then 1 purse at Coach.

What a successful shopping trip.

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Jazzing things up…

With a new year comes a new date book for my purse.  I happened to be in Target the other day and found this one. 


Now I love the inside of it but the outside is boring (sorry I don’t have a pic of it) so I decided to try adding some ribbon to the outside to dress it up a bit.


But still rather boring and then I had the great idea of adding vinyl to it using my cricut.  So I grabbed some of the Cotton white vinyl and Black vinyl that I had and my brand new Stamping Solutions cartridge and came up with this.


Still boring so I decided to add some more vinyl.
Here is my new improved date book for 2011.


Love it so much better then the old boring plain cover.  Plus now I have a one of a kind datebook.
And the other nice thing is if I get bored with my cover during the year, the vinyl comes off pretty easy and I can add new designs.

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A fun new year has begun…

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I know that my family and I sure did. 
But now that the gloomy month of January has started
I am so glad that I have new toys to play with.

Like these…


Yep that’s right, Kendall and Chuck bought me a set of 12 Copic markers for Christmas. I was so excited.
I spent the Monday after Christmas figuring out what other colors that I needed to fill my in little set.
And the nice thing is that my parents sent me money for Christmas and so I spent it on these…


24 more Copic markers along with this ink pad that is suppose to be the best to use with the markers.


And yeah Friday my new pens came in the mail, just in time for a long weekend.
So Sunday I spent the day in the Scrap Studio playing with my new pens and watching Youtube videos on how to use them.  I love them and after watching a few videos, here is my practice sheet.


And this little guy came out so good. 


I have a lot more practice to do before I am as good as some of the projects that I’ve seen using these pens but that’s what make it fun and I have the whole gloomy month of January to play with them.

Oh and here is my Copic pens chart.  I downloaded it off the internet so that I could keep track of the pens that I have and still need to buy.


I am glad that my Birthday is in Feb. Smile

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