Foil-Pack Chicken Fajita Dinner

So I wanted to share a new recipe that I tired this summer that I thought came out pretty good but the family wasn’t too keen on it so I doubt it will be made again in our house.
But who knows it may become your family’s new favorite so here is a link to the recipe Kraft Recipes
The first thing I did was gather all of the ingredients together
pic 1
then I sliced up the green bell pepper the way the recipe called for. I am not a big bell pepper fan but I tried to follow the recipe since it was the first time I was make it.
pic 7
Then it was time to mix the Minute Rice with the taco seasoning.
pic 2
pic 6
Then I got the foil out to make the packets to bake everything.  It’s best to use the non-stick foil instead of coating it with Pam.
pic 8
Now it is time to put the layers together starting with the rice, then the chicken, a few sliced bell peppers, a couple tablespoons of salsa
pic 11
and top it off with some Mexican blend cheese.
pic 12
On a cookie sheet fold up the sides  of the foil and make sure the foil is sealed good.
pic 13
Pop it into the oven and bake. 
Now for the finished dish.
pic 14
Add a green salad and you have a great summer dinner. 
pic 15
Hope you and your family enjoy this easy recipe.
Thanks for stopping by…