Foil-Pack Chicken Fajita Dinner

So I wanted to share a new recipe that I tired this summer that I thought came out pretty good but the family wasn’t too keen on it so I doubt it will be made again in our house.
But who knows it may become your family’s new favorite so here is a link to the recipe Kraft Recipes
The first thing I did was gather all of the ingredients together
pic 1
then I sliced up the green bell pepper the way the recipe called for. I am not a big bell pepper fan but I tried to follow the recipe since it was the first time I was make it.
pic 7
Then it was time to mix the Minute Rice with the taco seasoning.
pic 2
pic 6
Then I got the foil out to make the packets to bake everything.  It’s best to use the non-stick foil instead of coating it with Pam.
pic 8
Now it is time to put the layers together starting with the rice, then the chicken, a few sliced bell peppers, a couple tablespoons of salsa
pic 11
and top it off with some Mexican blend cheese.
pic 12
On a cookie sheet fold up the sides  of the foil and make sure the foil is sealed good.
pic 13
Pop it into the oven and bake. 
Now for the finished dish.
pic 14
Add a green salad and you have a great summer dinner. 
pic 15
Hope you and your family enjoy this easy recipe.
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I thought I would share some of the pictures from our recent Annual Pumpkin Dinner!! We always have a lot fun and I start planning months in advance and start making the goodie bags for everyone.  I try to make something new and fun every year.  This year I found some cute little orange baskets at Joann’s and thought they would be prefect for this year’s dinner.  They turned out a little harder to make then I thought they would be cause I had to actually sew the faces on because I couldn’t get them to stay no matter what glue I used.
I used my Cricut to cut out the leaf and then embossed it using my Cuttlebug.  I used green pipe cleaners for the stems and wrapped them around the handle.  And everyone got a bag of their favorite candies.
Here is the table setting for the night.  Still love the pumpkin soup tureen that I got last year.  This year I bought new black and orange dishes for the night.  And added gummy eyeballs to everyone’s bowl as a trick!!!
halloween Fest 2011 133
After a fun night of pumpkin carving, we finished the night with these yummy cream puffs that I can’t take any of the credit for.  One of our “kids” made them for us – and always Jeff did a great job!!  They were as yummy as they look!
And here is the finished product from the night.
halloween Fest 2011 151
Hope everyone gets lots of treats today!!!  Have a great Halloween.
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Easy to make Card

So one day in Joann's I found a package of some really cute K&Co Company pockets with a tag inside.  There were 8 of them in package and on sale for 40% off so of course I had to pick them up.  They were all flowers and I thought they would make adorable cards. 

So here is one of the cards that I made as a "Thank You" card to my sister for a great weekend we had with them in June.  I used a couple different color cardstock, some lace and embossed it with my cuttlebug.

The inside of the card is where I used the tag that came out of the pocket on the front.  I just added a stamped "Thank you" and voila I had a nice card that took no time at all to make.  And I still have 7 more of these tags to use on other cards which makes me very happy!

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The love of an old dog

So I have a good friend that right now is going through the tough time of making that awful decision to let an old friend go.
One day I came across this sticker and know that I had to use to make something for her.  I had these little easels that I had bought a while ago at Michael’s and thought it would make a perfect little gift for her. 
I painted the background a light brown and added some paper ribbon that I had, a couple of cute dog buttons and added the saying. 
I thought it came out pretty cute and so did she.
dog easel
Sorry the picture isn’t that great but it is the only one that I have.
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Things to know about me!

Since I haven’t posted in a while I thought do something fun and tell you a little about me. I thought this list was cute when I read it on another blog and decided to copy it and use it here.  So here we go…
A. Age: 46
B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore that you hate: Making the bed – what a waste of time.

D. Dogs: 2 Fur babies – Maggie May & Wyatt Earp

E. Essential start to your day: Email and the internet

F. Favorite color: Purple

G. Gold or Silver: Gold

H. Height: 5’8”

I. Instruments you play: Piano but not very well

J. Job title: Rebate & Federal Grant Manager

K. Kids: 2 + 2 future son in laws

L. Live: California

M. Mother’s name: Letha

N. Nicknames: Pooh Bear, Chris

O. Overnight hospital stays: Both kids, Hysterectomy, Staff infection, gall bladder removal

P. Pet peeves: That people like Michael Vick get to make millions of dollars after the disgusting things he did.

Q. Quote from a movie: Hmmm I don’t think I really have one.

R. Right or left handed: Right

S.Siblings: 3

T. Time you wake up: Around 6:15 am but not by choice

U. Underwear: Of course – never leave home without them Smile

V. Vegetable you hate: PEAS

W. What makes you run late: the internet most of the time

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth,neck, wrist & shoulder

Y. Yummy food that you make: Triple chocolate torte

Z. Zoo animal: Monkeys

So I hope that you had fun reading about me and hope that you stop by again soon to see the other fun things I have to post.
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KFC and why you should go there

Yeah I know what your thinking, why would I want to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The foods not good for you and it doesn’t taste that great – although I will admit for some strange reason I love the mashed potatoes and gravy.
But I Red heart KFC and their mashed potatoes and gravy for a whole other reason lately.  These…

Aren’t those the cutest containers and I love they are recyclable.  But what I really love about them is that they solved a storage problem for me.
You know how you always have little odds and ends floating around that you never have any place to store them?  Well for me these containers fill that spot.

I have 8 of them and need just one more to fill this drawer.

Then I plan on labeling each one with a color for all those odds and ends that I have.  I may even line the tops with colored paper so that at a glance I know which container to grab.

I just love this idea and we’ve only had to eat at KFC twice to get all of these containers. Smile

How do you store your odds and ends?  I think I really like this by color thing.

Happy Friday!!!
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My Tabletop Scrapbook

So the other day I was in Michael’s and found this cute little table top frame….


And thought wouldn’t that make the cutest scrapbook page for on my desk at work.
Then I found these really cute stickers at Joann’s

2011-06-09 Misc Scrapbook 009

And so far this is as far as I got…

2011-06-09 Misc Scrapbook 008

And then I kinda hit a brick wall with what else I want to do with it.  So it’s sitting on my scrap table waiting for me to finish it.  Ugh !!!

Does this happen to you? 

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